Thanks to the more than 70 people who came together for the Stand Strong Rally III before tonight’s Polk County Board of Supervisors meeting. A great team of people made it happen. They included host Marcy Marquardt from the Town of Sterling, Kristy Allen, Woody McBride, Mark Hulsether and Mike Miles. Amery High School student Sydney Bosley stole the show with her insightful and passionate call for action.

Many citizens also took time to make written and verbal comments to the board.

Unfortunately, the board voted not to extend the swine CAFO moratorium on a tie vote broken by Chairman Chris Nelson. They also voted to pass the amendment despite the fact that it doesn’t protect the public health or property values of five towns. On a positive note they did add an amendment encouraging further work by committees to pass an ordinance like the Town of Eureka.

As always, there is much work to do and it seems like a long road ahead. But the arc is with us. Polk County will not be the next Iowa. We are blessed to have support from hundreds of volunteers over the very long year behind us. We don’t know exactly where the winding road ahead will lead us BUT we will not leave our children polluted wells and foul air!!