Cumberland LLC has not submitted a final application.

WSF stands for waste storage facility. Cumberland LLC submitted an engineering design submittal for the proposed underbarn manure storage structures (A.K.A. WSFs). Upon the initial completeness review by DNR engineering staff, the submittal was rejected for several reasons.

The submittal had insufficient documentation of wetland boundaries.
The submittal did not include a wetland fill permit.
The submittal was not a part of a complete and final WPDES application.
When it comes to new proposed sites (green sites), engineering design submittals for reviewable structures (any structure or system which stores, treats, or transfers waste) will be review upon DNR receiving a complete application. This is important because it allows DNR reviewers to have access to all submitted documents to make their determinations. Cumberland LLC will have to resubmit an updated engineering design plan, along with the remaining final application requirements before DNR will begin the review process.

Regarding the webpage links to the submittals, I am not sure why the preliminary application does not pop up. I can only find it if I search by county (Burnett), then by type (Livestock operations). I will need to check in with my IT department again. We at the DNR need to make sure the Cumberland LLC webpage on the DNR website stays up to date.

A public hearing would be schedule if/when the operation submits the final application, and DNR reviewers complete their application review.

Jeff Jackson, DNR