April 23, 2021
Jeff Sauer
Cumberland LLC
N13126 Bruce Mound Ave
Thorp, WI 54771
Subject: CAFO WPDES Permit Application – Acknowledgment of Receipt
Status: Further Actions Required
Dear Jeff Sauer:
The Department received your plans and specification materials for issuance of a CAFO WPDES permit
to Cumberland LLC on April 20, 2021. Your application currently is missing the following components required for an application:
1. Livestock/Poultry Operation WPDES Permit Application Forms 3400-025, 025B, 025C
2. Animal Unit Calculation Worksheet Form 3400-025A
3. Labeled Aerial Maps
4. Soil Survey Maps
5. EA Questionnaire
6. Nutrient Management Plan (NMP)
Information to assist you and your consultant in preparing and submitting a complete application is
available at: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/CAFO/WPDESNR243.html. The following application materials have been received to date:
1. 180 Day Manure Storage Calculations & Supporting Documentation
2. Plans and Specifications for Waste Storage Facility
In order to begin processing your application and to conduct a thorough review, all of the above
application materials must be received by the Department. Missing materials can be sent through the
ePermitting system as a Final Application.
If the missing application materials are not received by May 7, 2021, the review process will be placed on
hold and your current application materials will be dismissed in the system. Once an application has been dismissed, a new application containing all required materials must be resubmitted through the
ePermitting System. Until you are issued coverage under a WPDES permit, you may not populate to
1,000 animal units or more. Contact me if you are unable to meet this deadline.
The permit drafter assigned to your operation is Tyler Dix. Please do not hesitate to contact him (phone:
(608) 220-2096, e-mail: Tyler.Dix@wisconsin.gov) or me if you have any question about your
application materials. We look forward to working with you throughout the permitting process.
State of Wisconsin
PO Box 7185
101 S. Webster Street
Madison WI 53707-7185
Tony Evers, Governor
Preston D. Cole, Secretary
Telephone 608-266-2621
FAX 608-267-3579
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