Take Action

Sign the petition to stop unlimited animals in Trade Lake (pdf with SIGN PETITION NOW link)

Proposed zoning changes in Burnett County*
*Most of Dewey Township (East side) and large portions of Trade Lake Township are already an Unlimited Agriculture District meaning Unlimited Animal Units.


So what kind of action can you take right now?

First, click and copy all of the email addresses below. The addresses can then be pasted into your own email as a BCC (blind copy so that the recipient’s email address is the only one they will see). Now you have two options: 1) Write an email yourself expressing your feeling about the Trade Lake CAFO. 2) Select one of the pre-written emails below and send it by copying and pasting it into your personal email. Either way, your own personally written words or the copied and pasted message can be sent to multiple people at once.

Obviously, if you would like to share with a specific person, scroll down the page, click their email address, and sent them a specific message.

Whether a bulk email or an individualized email, the more you share your concerns, the more likely we will get the results we need. Your voice counts, please use it.

Second, please donate to KnowCAFOs by clicking the donate button below or by going to the Donate Page and mailing a check. Your billboards have been up for a year, informing our County and Township officials, local residents and tourist visitors. The bill for another year is due. Please support this effort. We get lots of feedback and visitors to the website based on the billboards. Thank you in advance for helping us keep the community informed.

Click here for a .txt file of all the email addresses listed below.  This list can then be copied and pasted in the BCC field of your email program.

Click here for sample emails to copy and paste.

Contact Trade Lake Town Board

Contact Burnett County and State of Wisconsin Legislators

Contact DNR/DATCP Decision Makers

Contact BURNETT COUNTY Supervisors, Administrators, and County Attorney

Contact BURNETT COUNTY Large Livestock Committee

Contact POLK COUNTY Supervisors, Administrators, and County Attorney

Contact POLK COUNTY Environmental Services Committee Members