Sample Emails

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I understand that concentrated animal feeding operations generate a lot of manure. If that is spread on fields around my home in Trade Lake, is my well at risk? I am concerned about my water source and don’t know what I would do if my well were contaminated. If you have any information that could help me feel safer, could you send it to me please? Can you do something to stop this CAFO?

Thank you.


I read somewhere that the smell from CAFOs is dangerous. I wonder what kind of chemicals make it smell so bad. Do you have any information you could share with me to help me understand what kind of chemicals are in that air? Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?



I have a home in the Trade Lake area and I’m very concerned about the effect of concentrated animal feeding operations reducing my property value. If my property value goes down will my taxes go up? Do you have any articles that I could read to better understand the relationship between property value decreases and CAFOs? I would appreciate it if you could send some to me. Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?

Thank you.


I use the local lakes a lot for fishing and recreation. My kids love to swim and boat as well. Will all of the manure I understand will be spread around the Lakes run off and cause the Lakes to be polluted? I am quite concerned about the danger to my kids using the Lake after concentrated animal feeding operations are sited here. Please send me any information you have so that I can share it with my family and hopefully feel less concerned about this. Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?

Thanks for your help.


This Summer’s newsletter from the Algona Iowa veterinarians who are promoting the new CAFO says that there is a new disease spreading that is due to sloppy biohazard control in transportation systems. It seems that some Farms are losing up to 25% of their baby pigs due to this new infection. What happens to those dead pigs? Somebody said that they are composted and then spread on fields around the area. Is that true? Is that dangerous? Can these diseases be spread that way to other Farms? If you have any information about this new disease or what happens to those dead pigs I would really appreciate it if you could send it to me. Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?


As a Taxpayer, I am concerned that all of the new traffic on our local roads will damage them. Who pays for that? Will I have to pay for it as a taxpayer or will the new concentrated animal feeding operation pay for it? I can’t afford any new taxes so I hope you are doing something about it. Are there any studies available concerning road damage due to the use of trucks going back and forth with heavy loads? Could you send those to me, please? Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?

Thank you.


I think you will admit that our weather has been quite odd of late. Drought then torrential rains, then snow at odd times. I understand that the new CAFO will have 9 million gallons of liquid manure to spread every year rain or shine, sleet or hail. What if there are already crops in the fields? How do they get rid of all that manure if they can’t spread it? If it’s too wet you can’t get in the fields. If the ground is frozen what are you going to do? If you have any information on this topic would you please share it with me? Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?



Like any other industrial situation, accidents happen. What’s the plan if there is a manure spill either from the site of the CAFO, from a busted hose that is running manure to a field, from a truckload of liquid manure that has an accident, or any number of other possible incidents. Is there a crisis management plan? Is there a bond in case of a true environmental disaster to cover the cost of cleanup? Please send me some information to help me understand how disasters will be handled? Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?



I know that a CAFO can make someone a lot of money, but what happens if there is a fire or disease that kills all the pigs, what happens to the site? What happens to all the dead pigs? Will it all be closed down and abandoned? Will the dead pigs be disposed of in some safe way? This possibility really concerns me and my family. Do you have any examples of how this has been handled in other areas? Will there be insurance to cover clean-up, rebuilding, or even abandonment? What’s the plan? Can you send me information about this? Can you do something to stop the Trade Lake CAFO?

Thank you.