Landowner Spreading Fields List

Cumberland Identifies New Hog Manure Dumping Fields

Last month Cumberland LLC refiled its WPDES application with the Wisconsin DNR. Once again, Cumberland LLC is asking to locate an industrial hog farm in Trade Lake, Wisconsin.  In its application, Cumberland LLC identifies properties on which it intends to dump millions of gallons of hog manure every year. has discovered that the owners of some of the properties identified in the application were never contacted by Cumberland LLC and will not consent to accept Cumberland LLCs waste manure.  This is important because Cumberland LLC needs to establish that it has sufficient dumping grounds for the millions of gallons of manure it will generate every year.   If you would like to see whether Cumberland LLC included your property or property belonging to your neighbors, friends or relatives in its application CLICK HERE for a list of the land identified in the application.

List below:

Cumberland LLC Spreading Fields List