Hello fellow CAFO opponents. The St. Croix River Association has committed to financing the 5′ x 12′ billboard on highway 48/87 in Branstad. The above is the sign photo. It will cost about $950 to install. If you are able to make a contribution to help cover the cost, it would be much appreciated, every dollar matters. SCRA is a 501(C)3 so donations are tax deductible. https://www.stcroixriverassociation.org/support/donate/

SCRA is committed to helping in the background in anyway possible, we’re here to support your efforts to stop the CAFO in Trade Lake, and beyond. There is a better way to ‘feed the world’ that doesn’t include industrial farms degrading land, water, air, and way of life. This wasn’t a fight I thought I’d have to have when I moved here from Iowa 10 years ago. Who can think it’s a good idea to bring large factory farms to the St. Croix River valley?

Be well my friends, stay sane and remember to find joy every day. This could be a very long battle.