NOTICE: It has come to our attention (via open public records request) that the latest water test at the Emerald Town Hall (2432 County Road G) had nitrate levels at 40.3 mg/l (see photo below)! That is 4 times the public health recommendation of 10 mg/l.

For those who don’t know…..Emerald Town Hall is directly across the road from Emerald Sky Dairy.

Attached are the initial water test results in 2007 when the well at the new Emerald Town Hall was built (nitrates were 6.9 mg/l then) as well as this latest water test. This latest result of nitrates at 40.3 mg/l is very concerning since the increase is over 5 times the initial reading 15 years ago.
High nitrates are not just a concern for infants or pregnant mothers…..Recent studies out of Iowa have shown high nitrate levels in drinking water connected to other birth defects and bladder/thyroid cancers in adults —
Thus….especially those of you who live within 2-3 miles of Emerald Town Hall — please take advantage of the free water screening clinics being conducted in St. Croix County starting next month.
The first free nitrate screening clinic of 2021 will be offered at Agriculture Service and Education Center (1960 8th Ave, Baldwin, WI 54002) on Tuesday, April 6th from 1:00 to 6:00 pm. The County plans to host two or three additional clinics throughout the summer and fall – details for these additional events will be provided closer to event dates. This program is offered to educate homeowners on how to monitor and protect their drinking water supply.
Any rural homeowner should test their drinking water at least once per year to protect themselves and their families. Knowledge is power.

Trade Lake water testing is still taking pre-registrations until April 15.