May 7, 2021
Jeff Sauer
Cumberland LLC
N13126 Bruce Mound
Thorp, WI 54771
SUBJECT: CAFO WPDES Permit Application – Acknowledgment of Receipt
Dear Jeff Sauer:
The Department received your final application for issuance of a CAFO WPDES permit for Cumberland
LLC on April 26, 2021, with revisions and additional information received on May 7, 2021. Based on the
current application materials submitted, all required documents have been submitted for a substantial review to begin. Current application materials include the following:
1. Livestock/Poultry Operation WPDES Permit Application Forms 3400-025, 025B, 025C
2. Animal Unit Calculation Worksheet Form 3400-025A
3. Labeled Aerial Maps
4. Soil Survey Maps
5. EA Questionnaire
6. 180 Day Manure Storage Calculations
7. 180 Day Manure Storage Documentation
8. Nutrient Management Plan (NMP)
9. Plans and Specifications for Underbarn Waste Storage Facilities
I have distributed your application components to the appropriate DNR technical reviewers. As the review process continues, additional materials may be requested. The application will be considered
complete after all application materials have been reviewed and found to require no further actions.
Tyler Dix is the assigned permit drafter for this project. Tyler can be contacted at (608) 220-2096 or by e-
mail to You should now work with him to continue processing your permit
Thank you for submitting a final permit application. Please do not hesitate to contact Tyler Dix or me if
you have any questions about your application materials.
Anthony Salituro
CAFO Intake Specialist
Phone: (608) 267-7150
cc: Tyler Dix, Ben Uvaas, Chris Clayton, Jeff Jackson, Jill Schoen – DNR
Erik Lietz, Mike Tiry – Oakridge Engineering
Sam Guyer – Dairyland Labs
Dave Ferris – Burnett County LCDO