Very descriptive discussion of PRRS variant affecting grow/finish plants. Really drives home the failure of biosecurity and why they are moving here!

Sept 3, 2021 Direct link:

“Nasty lateral breaks” and other that are “complete off the rails disaster” “gotten lax on biosecurity” “lots of opportunities at the wean to finish plants”

“Keep the neighborhood load down…” “so much virus in the neighborhood that it overwhelmed the filters…” “they are all tied in so closely together..”

“Labor shortages are not doing us any favors…” “Is aerosol transmission a big part of this?” “People connections are much more highly correlated..”

17:00 – “Apply the same strategy we have for sow farms – locate them in different geographical areas…” “We have not applied the biosecurity with the same rigor at the wean to finish…”

18:55 – You start seeing grow finishing production move out of the central hog belt that it is located in right now…”

Background link on expert panel: SwineCast 1168, At The Meeting – Persistent PRRS in Finishing Pigs Raises Concerns | SwineCast