The Petition to rezone property in Trade Lake Township currently zoned A Exclusive Agriculture to A2 Agriculture-Residential was received by the Trade Lake Town Board and has been forwarded to the Town Attorney for further review. You will be happy to know that we received 415 signatures, 361 of which were different individuals. A number of property owners signed for each of their parcels, so, to say the least, the participation was outstanding! Job well done!

In the interim, it was discovered this week that Burnett County was told by the State of Wisconsin that it’s Zoning Ordinance and it’s Siting Ordinance have to be separated. That means that a lot of work at the County level is required before any new Zoning/Siting Ordinances can be created that meet State Requirements.

So, our Petition to change A to A2 is in the works. The process is complicated, as usual, but our voices are being heard. Don’t stop calling and writing emails to Town and County Supervisors. All of their contacts are at Since we appear to have a window of opportunity, we will reopen the PETITION so that every Trade Lake property owner and resident has the ability to sign. It will be available on the website and Facebook. Tell your friends and neighbors. We will present the new signatures to the Town Board at their next monthly meeting.
For your convenience, here is the petition link again:

Thank you again for your support. We use email, Facebook and snail mail to contact you. If you could sign up for email on the website or like us on Facebook you would get information in a much more timely manner.

The KnowCAFOs Team