Trade Lake, Laketown, Eureka, Bone Lake, Luck and now Sterling Townships have joined the Consortium to create an Operations Ordinance to protect their families. CAFOs are notorious for fouling the air and drinking water resources wherever they land. Yet, that’s not all. 50,000 pigs drink a lot of water and eat a lot of feed which, in the case of the Trade Lake operation means 9 million gallons of liquid manure every year. But how does it get hauled? Where does the feed come from? Where do the baby pigs go? They go down your road of course creating damage from the heavy traffic and the inevitable slowdowns from working trucks. Who pays for that? Your Township of course. What do you get in return for all this concerning activity? Maybe some small tax increase, but the profits all leave town while the expenses remain.

The negative health effects are also well documented. All of that manure and carcass refuse draws flies. As flies tend to do, they cruise around the neighborhood looking for something to sit on. If they happen to sit on something of yours they could spread disease.

The concerns are many and the protections are few. Please support your local Township and their wise decision to create an Operations Ordinance that protects you and your family.