Thank you for all the fine entries in the Billboard Contest! There were many smart ideas which gave us lots of new directions.

But as you know, there can be only one winner of the $100 gift certificate to the Watershed Cafe in Osceola Wisconsin. We promised not to name names, but the winner wants to compare the amount of manure to be generated by the Cumberland LLC CAFO to the amount generated by a city in Wisconsin. 9 million gallons of liquid manure is what the Cumberland LLC application claims. We will determine the pig to person ratio.

As you know, cities have water treatment plants to filter and cleanse effluent from it’s population. On the other hand, the Cumberland CAFOs intends to spread it’s waste on local fields, endangering aquifers and watersheds.

So what city will generate an equivalent amount of manure? Not so fast. When we put the new face on the billboard, we’re going to make you guess. Boo, right. But this whole situation is about thinking, so we’ll present it in the form of a question and create a new page on the website for the answer.

We will send you an email to tell you where the billboard is, so stay tuned. You’re the greatest and your communities appreciate your support; as we do.

Have a beautiful fall.

The KnowCAFOs Team