SUBJECT: Cumberland LLC Nutrient Management Plan Substantial Revision
Dear Mr. Sauer,
The Department received a nutrient management plan (NMP) substantial revision request on October 14, 2022.
This request submitted by Sam Guyer, AgSource, on behalf of Cumberland LLC. Due to the lack of an approved
NMP for the facility, this substantial revision request is rejected without review.
A permit application was submitted on behalf of Cumberland LLC in April 2021. Due to the lack of wetland
delineation information, the plans & specifications submitted as part of this application were rejected. No revised
plans were submitted and the review of the application was placed on hold.
Since it has now been one and a half years since the application was originally submitted,Cumberland LLC must
submit a new, updated WPDES permit application. As part of this application, an updated 5-year NMP should
reflect the changes detailed within this substantial revision request.
If you have any questions regarding this decision, I can be reached at 608-228-5265 or
Falon French
CAFO Intake Specialist, DNR
CC: Jeff Jackson, WDNR Agricultural Runoff Specialist
Tyler Dix, WDNR CAFO Permit Coordinator
Chris Clayton, WDNR Agricultural Runoff Section Chief
Sam Guyer, AgSource
Erik Lietz, Oakridge Engineering, Inc.
Aaron O’Rourke, WDNR Nutrient Management Program Coordinator
Ashley Scheel, WDNR Nutrient Management Plan Reviewer
Ian Hanson, WDNR Agricultural Engineer
Dave Ferris, Burnett County Conservationist
Anthony Salituro, WDNR Intake Coordinator