The KnowCAFOs team has provided you with an example email to send to the new DNR secretary about the water quality threat posed by the proposed Cumberland LLC CAFO. Let the officials that are looking to protect our WI water quality know of our imposing threat to the Burnett County.

Quote from below article: “Evers’ new appointee as Department of Natural Resources secretary, Adam Payne, presided over his first meeting and declared that his top priority will be water quality. He praised Evers for proposing $100 million more to fight PFAS contamination during the State of the State address Tuesday.”

Adam Payne Appointed to DNR Leadership Team

Wisconsin governor takes total control of resources agency

You can click on the example email below to populate the email in your email client (Outlook & Thunderbird). If you don’t use an email client we have also provided the information below that you can copy and paste. Thank you for voicing your opposition to the proposed CAFO!

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Email Example – Water Quality Threat from Cumberland, LLC CAFO in Burnett County:
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Attn Adam Payne Wisconsin DNR – Here in Trade Lake Wisconsin and for over 3 years now, we have researched and witnessed, in Kewaunee, St. Croix, Juneau, Portage, and Crawford County, WI as well as numerous other counties across the Midwest, the negative impacts of large CAFOs. We have learned that a concentration of nitrates cannot be boiled out of our drinking water. We know that unsustainable industrial farms are largely the cause of elevated nitrate levels in ground and surface water. We know that if our groundwater is at risk, so is our health and wellbeing. More than 30 epidemiologic studies have shown that infant methemoglobinemia, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, thyroid disease, adverse reproductive outcomes and other adverse health effects are caused by elevated nitrates in drinking water. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the WDNR does indeed have the authority to protect our water here in the state of Wisconsin. We ask that you reject the Cumberland LLC application for a 26,000 swine farrowing cafo based on the unsustainable size and the poor choice of siting in an area with shallow groundwater, a single aquifer, numerous recreational seepage lakes, and within the Watershed to the Nationally protected St. Croix Riverway.