Attn KnowCAFOs supporters. Please join us and MFA in sending the following letter to our legislators.
Copy and paste the letter below or create your own letter but please email or write to Sen. Quinn and Rep. Sapik as soon as possible. The ‘EATS’ bill is trying to kill any protections local governments have left to protect our environment.

Dear Sen. Romaine Quinn and Rep. Angie Sapik,

I am writing to encourage you to join dozens of other state legislators around the country in opposing the dangerous Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act, a bill Congress is currently considering for inclusion in the upcoming Farm Bill.

The EATS Act (S. 2019 / H.R. 4417) (…) poses a direct threat to states’ rights by paving the way for Congress to infringe on states’ ability to enact laws that protect their citizens, animals, and the environment while threatening to overturn democratically approved ballot initiatives.

Under the guise of protecting states’ autonomy over agricultural practices, the EATS Act would negate hundreds of existing state and local laws (…), including protections against invasive species, food quality and safety regulations, narcotics laws, and procurement regulations.

To protect local lawmakers’ ability to pass and enforce critical protections for our communities, we must stop the EATS Act and any similar legislation.

Please also consider sharing the letter with other elected officials you think may be interested in signing. Thank you for your consideration and continued public service.